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About CCD

Centre for Communication and Development-CCD, a non-government, non-profit organisation has been sincerely working for free flow of information, free press, free speech and free sprit of all the people. The organisation is committed to utilize the full power and potential of information and communication media for human wellbeign and social gods and egalitarian society. It is a resources centre that works for ensuring effective use of the mass media and information to promote human rights, achieve good governance, women empowerment, gender equity and youth leadership in all level and a progressive, free and egalitarian society.

CCD has been implementing several kinds of training, research, advocacy, campaign and cultural related program on journalism, media, communication, right to information, ICTs, women empowerment, youth leadership, gender, good governance, free & fair election, health, HIV/AIDS, arsenic mitigation, birth registration, human trafficking and human rights etc related issues.

CCD is the working partner of the British Council, The Thomson Foundation, PANOS Bangladesh, PANOS Radio London, CARE Bangladesh, International Republican Institute (IRI), UNICEF, Asian Harms Reduction Network (AHRN) and several development organisation in Bangladesh as well as around the world.

CCD has number of co-organisations such as Bangladesh Advacned Student Alliance (BASA), Youth Voice, Youth Citizen Forum, Anti-AIDS Journalists Alliance (AJA), Economic Journalists Network (EJ Net).

To know more about CCD, pleased visit www.ccdbd.org, www.basa.ccdbd.org, www.baids.org   

Partnership between CCD and Thomson Foundation

CCD will be the lead partner of the project. That is why, CCD will bear all the responsibilities of arranging and implementing all the actions under this project in Bangladesh.

On the other hand, UK based organisation the Thomson Foundation is partner of the project who has much experience and capacity in preparing the module, manual and materials and in facilitating the training programs. The Thomson Foundation is one of most renowned organization in the training field of journalism. So the consultants selected by the Thomson Foundation will perform the duty of preparing the manual and facilitating the training courses under this project. CCD authority will provide all round cooperation to the Thomson Foundation in this respect.

Besides, the Thomson Foundation will play the key role in arranging the visit of the Bangladeshi editors to England because they have much experience and capacity relating to such visit. CCD will select the editors and assist them to go to England from Bangladesh.

About Capacity Building of Local Journalists on Economic and Trade Reporting (CBLJETR) Project

Executive Summary:

CCD has been implanting this project with the assistance of the Delegation of the European Commission to Bangladesh.

The local mass media and the journalists are playing significant role in creating public awareness and in building public opinion on different issues for the socio-economic development in Bangladesh. But they could not contribute effectively in economic, trade and business related activities and small trade so far. Due to having no idea and efficiency in economic journalism and reporting, they could not provide expected contribution in this sector, the Editors and senior journalists of the local newspapers opined in this way. Through this proposed project, it will be attempted to introduce a specialized economic journalism and reporting in the local level by flourishing the capacity and efficiency of the journalists and to ensure the proper and effective role of the local mass media and journalists for the sustainable development of the financial activities, small trade and business enterprise in the region. The project will ensure creating interpersonal relationship between journalists, business personal and the European delegation of Bangladesh.


The key objective of the project is to ensure the proper and effective role of the local mass media and journalists for the sustainable development of the financial activities and small trade and business enterprise through upgrading the skill and efficiency of the local journalists.

Key Objectives:

  • To enhance the skill and quality of the local journalists on specialized economic, trade and business reporting through arranging well-planned training programs.
  • To orient the media owners and journalists with the role and contribution of European Union (EU) in development of socio-economic and business related field in Bangladesh.
  • To orient the media owners and journalists with the type and aspects of small trade & business, its peculiarity, obstacles, limitations and potentiality.
  • To establish a good relation and understanding between the business institutions and the people directly involved with trade and business and the local media owners and the journalists.
  • To orient the media owners and journalists with the issues of EU investment regulation, policies, export and SPS environmental standards, EU tariff, TRIPS, environment friendly technology, new technology, WTO, market access, benefits of FDI, intellectual property rights, labor regulations and consumer rights so that they will be able to give more media coverage on these issues.

Potential Topics:

Through implementing each activities of the proposed project following topics/issues will be covered sincerely and try to enhanced knowledge of targeted people as well as building their journalists skills on these issues.  

  • WTO related issues (such as benefits of international trade, trade in services, GSP, etc.)
  • Market access issues
  • Benefits of FDI and investment regulation
  • Intellectual Property rights
  • EU legislation concerning standards and SPS
  • Corporate, social and environmental responsibility
  • Labour regulations
  • Consumer protection

Target People:

The principal target group of this project is the media owners and journalists of different local and national newspapers, television and radio working in the northern region of the country. At the same time the representative of the people directly or indirectly involved with trade, commerce and business related activities and business firms of this area are also a target group of this project.

Through different activities of this project, at least 500 journalists, 1000 businessmen and 200 business companies will be directly or indirectly benefited.

Moreover, through this project a huge number of mass people of the region and many of the European countries will receive much data and information related to the local trade, commerce and economic activities, which will indirectly encourage them to make a planning, working strategy and decision of investment and running effective business activities in this region.

Working Area:

The project has been implementing in the 16 districts of Bangladesh. These districts are as follows; Rajshahi, Pabna, Natore, Chapaianwabgonj, Bogra, Naogoan, Sirajgonj, Joypurhat, Dinajpur, Panchagar, Thakurgaon, Nilhaamary, Rangpur, Kurigram, Lalmonirhat and Gaibandha.

Project Activities: 

To achieved the above goal and objectives of the project, following activities have been implementing in northern districts of Bangladesh. 

r      Advocacy Workshop with Media Own

r      Dialogue between Media and Trade Personell

r      Developing Manual on Economic Journalism

r      Training on Economic and Trade Reporting

r      Develop Economic Journalists Network

r      Report Writing Competition on Economic and Trade Related Issues

r      Media Owners' Visit Europe to Gathering Knowledge

r      Developing Website and Publishing E-bulletin

r      Broadcast Radio Talk Show



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