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Media Advocacy for Promote Local Economic and Trade

In formulation of media policy and in assigning journalists, media owners have both direct and indirect roles. Media productions are totally controlled by media owners and journalists cannot write and publish anything without their consent. But there is an evidence of knowledge-attitude-practice (KAP) gap among the media owners on economic and trade related issues.

Due to the lacking of clear concept of media owners, reporting and coverage on this issues got less priority and this issue is yet not treated as an important area of reporting. And  regional newspapers and local journalists could not contribute effectively to sustainable development of economic, trade and business related activities. As a result the reflection of local trade and commerce related activities is very little in the regional newspapers and electronic media. That is why the problems, prospects, limitations, peculiarity, joint venture, success etc. of the local trade and commerce related activities are not effectively presented in the local news media.

To improve coverage and to better media’s role in promotion of economic and trade media owners should be oriented and sensitized to the economic journalism. This is the reason why CCD intends to orient them to economic journalism through advocacy workshops.

The main objective of this workshop is to ensure effective use of mass media in promoting economic and trade related issues at the local level and to utilize potentiality of economic journalism for sustainable economic and trade development.

Under this program a total of four (4) workshops with the media owners will be held at greater district town (Rajshahi, Bogra, Rangpur and Dianjpur) of the northern region of Bangladesh. It is expecting that 120 media owners will take part in these workshops.

To achieved the above objective CCD has already arranged following advocacy workshops. Red details repots on dialogues hold on different following districts of northern region of Bangladesh.  

Rajshahi  ::  Dinajpur  ::  Rangpur  ::  Bogra 



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